April 29, 2021

Standards make our lives safer and more comfortable, they help us to meet the customers' expectations and make our products and services more efficient.

Your safety matters to us, that is way we became an early adopter of European safety standard EN 62841. Two new features have been added to all Perles mixers. Anti-restart that prevents uncontrolled start of the tool after an interruption of the mains supply, as well as the new switch attachment that helps prevent unintentional activation of the ON/OFF switch."


February 26, 2021

Perles Webshop: 10x more efficient low voltage power tools 

"Performance beats all rivals."
When measuring the power on the machine's axis and counting electric power input, Perles power tools are 10x more efficient than pneumatic tools. Why? Specifically, the pneumatic tools' compressed air efficiency is barely approx. 5%, while Perles power tools have an efficiency of 60%. 

An ideal solution for use in extremely wet, damp, and high humidity environments!

 Find your match at!



5 January, 2021

Time gives legitimacy to existence. Time proves the power of ideas. Throughout time, we gain identity.

In the 85th year of presence in the power tools industry, we deserve a brand new badge!
We introduce our redesigned visual identity to adapt to change and innovation in engineering, design, and communication.
Perles new symbol embodies the transformative power of its products, engineered to boost your business. "Perles gives Power to Professionals" remains our timeless mission. The three letters, rotating and forming a Delta star, are our openness to change - an invitation to raise your market potential with us!

 Let's make a more significant impact.



4 January, 2021

It has been 85 years since the establishment of the Perles brand in Switzerland. From generation to generation Perles tools have been praised for the most powerful motors on the market, long durability, and ergonomics.

More: Our story



15 December 2020

Perles marketing and sales strategy empowers small to medium sized retailers. Our team of qualified experts in different areas, will quickly make you a special offer covering all aspects of your specific business needs.

Become a partner of the Perles sales network.



September 1, 2020

Quality, safety, efficiency and environmental performance are key priorities of Perles power tools. We, at Perles are deeply committed towards achieving ever-more sustainable and innovative production systems.

We continuously striving to develop and adopt technological solutions to have the lowest possible negative impact on the environment and to preserve our natural resources. Perles is compliant.



Perles is supporting excellency.  The strongest power tools are in the hands of the best professionals in the world, including ice artists: the Slovenian artist team, led by trendsetter Miro Rismondo won the 3rd place at the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. 

They used Perles Power tools to help them win in beastly temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius: Perles Die Grinder HSG18Perles Angle Grinder HSW.



August 20, 2020

As a manufacturer of Perles Power Tools, we are introducing our brand new webshop, which offers a complete product range available in four categories: the metal industry, construction industry, wood industry and low voltage.

Benefits for registered users: special offers, bulk discounts on volume purchases, pre-orders at special prices, coupons codes for discounts, early access to sales and new products, gifts, anniversary gifts and merchandise, free shipping on volume purchases, all existing payment methods, including payment with a debit card, responsive and fast check-out, priority sales and technical support, and much more...



August 20, 2020

Your legendary power tools get quick and low-cost fix, using the newly launched and fully operational webshop, offering many buyer incentives. Amazingly, we offer spare parts for many old tools, amongst them 30 years old plunge router.

Your benefits: all existing payment methods, including payment with debit card, incredible resource for fixing old tools; we offer spare parts for up to 30 years old tools, responsive and fast check-out, fully operational sales and technical support.

Perles fully supports the EU’s policies on circular economy and its overall objective to protect the health of European citizens, wildlife and the environment. We, at Perles, are deeply committed towards manufacturing durable, sustainable and innovative power tools. ​Repair, reuse, reduce! 


The first road trip for Perles' polishers.

We equipped the team @OneLifeRally with the newly developed polishers for supercars, to stay super polished in every occasion. Finishing touch indeed makes the difference to their epic road rally, making a blast of #wow impressions.




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