SMART. DURABLE AND TRULY POWERFUL. Perles Dragons are the world's most advanced angle grinders, developed for pro in metal, construction, or wood industry. Buy yours today with a gift.


From November 23rd and November 29th, 2021, you will get a gift or discount, when purchasing one of the three models of Perles angle grinders from the series Dragon. Discover more below.

Angle Grinder Dragon 1000

152,50 EUR / pcs

Angle Grinder Dragon 1200

212,22 EUR / pcs

Angle Grinder Dragon 1600

281,58 EUR / pcs

Purchasing DRAGON 1000
you will get a 10% discount.


Purchasing DRAGON 1200 you will get a free limited-edition breathable sports tee. The Perles Performance Tee combines breathable, lightweight, and pleasant stretch material for greater comfort. More here.


Purchasing DRAGON 1600
you will get a free handy percussion drill SRE4 713
More about this small, lightweight and eco-friendly drill here.



Temperature monitoring – prevents overheating, extends tool life, delivers reliability and savings.
Overload protection – prevents excessive loading, extends tool life, delivers reliability and savings.
Soft start – reduces tool loading, extends tool life while improving user experience.
Ergonomic design – weight-optimized, thoughtful placement of controls, ‘easy-in-the-hand’ design.
Improved cooling system – enables efficient and longer operation, even in extreme working conditions.
High durability carbon brushes – designed to extend tool life even further.
360° adjustment of the protective shield – enables rapid set-up and task switching, increasing productivity and output.
Restart protection – adds required levels of safety through electronics.



Dragon 1000

Weight / 2.4 kg
No load speed / 11,500 rpm
Input power / 1,000 W
Disc size (not included ) / 125 mm
Spindle / M14
Anti-vibration handle / Optional
Temperature monitoring / Yes
Overload protection / Yes
Soft start / Yes
Restart protection / Yes
360 ° shield adjustment / Yes

Dragon 1200

Input power / 1,200 W
No-load Speed (min) / 2,500 rpm
No-load Speed (max) / 11,500 rpm
Disc size (not included ) / 125 mm
Spindle / M14
Weight / 2.5 kg
Speed control / Yes
Anti-vibration handle / Optional
Temperature monitoring / Yes
Overload protection / Yes
Soft start / Yes
Restart protection / Yes
360 ° shield adjustment / Yes

Dragon 1600

Input power / 1,600 W
No-load Speed (min) / 2,500 rpm
No-load Speed (max) / 11,500 rpm
Disc size (not included ) / 125 mm
Spindle / M14
Weight / 2.4 kg
Speed control / Yes
Anti-vibration handle / Yes
Temperature monitoring / Yes
Overload protection / Yes
Soft start / Yes
Restart protection / Yes
360 ° shield adjustment / Yes

When your working challenges become enjoyable tasks in which you can take pride.

Meet Perles angle grinders for professional users. All three models, from the smallest 1000 W  to the big one of 1600 W, are designed to make your work easy, safe and effortless. Being lightweight, they are ideal for smaller yet more demanding tasks performed on stone and metal surfaces. Even with additional motor load, the built-in control electronics deliver more power and steady speed, as well as more efficient cutting of thick-walled pipes.

Thanks to a specially designed ergonomic handle, different machining conditions are no longer an obstacle. However, working with angle grinders is also easier due to the ON/OFF button that can be reached without any need to re-grip. 

If you decide on purchasing a Perles Dragon, you can rest assured that it will accompany you for a long time. Durability and top quality are our commitments in realising the mission of sustainable brand orientation.


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